Monday, 24 February 2014

Guacamelee! Gold Edition - Completed

Guacamelee! Gold Edition, is arguably the best of the many modern metroidvania games released recently.

While other modern metroidvanias tend to favor combat and RPG elements, Guacamelee instead focuses on providing satisfying, yet interesting and puzzle-like combat, along with many thought-provoking platforming puzzle sections.

It's clear that Drinkbox know their game mechanics, and most puzzles and combat scenarios are perfectly designed around use of the many game mechanics, an example of one being dimension switching, a mechanic which is used to great effect throughout the game.

If Guacamelee does have flaws, though, it has to come with the obnoxious internet memes, the length of the game (clocks in at, like, 8 hours), and the fact that opinions on the game are easily subjective.

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