Thursday, 6 February 2014

Enclave - Complete

This game would of been better in my opinion if not for the typical lazy console port job. Lack of any sort of quick save is inexcusable on PC, and these days shouldn't really be tolerated on console either. Which one of these ruins the impressiveness and flow of a game more: being able to hit F5 to save anywhere you want, or having to replay the same level, doing the exact same thing over, and over until you hit some checkpoint of the end of the level? Pretty obvious to me

 I'll never understand the stupidity of most console developers, although that's a whole different topic for another day....

You have exactly one attack and block. No roll, no special attacks, no combos, no "heavy attack" One. 1, uno. Just wildly spam the left mouse button.  I finished the game on hard mode, and it was cake, like seriously not even a challenge.

Keep away from this game if you can help it!

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