Sunday, 16 February 2014

Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre - 10+ Hours Played

The idea of the game is interesting, being able to shoot endless waves of enemies with exaggerated amounts of gore. Giving account that the game is cheap, I still feel it could be a little more polished, especially considering it's the second in the series. The aiming mechanics are not brilliant, there are a few minor bugs and annoyances, one being that the enemies have godlike aim and can hit you from the other side of the map, and also that you cannot jump whilst walking down a slope.

The game allows you to bind the few keys necessary to play as you wish, and lets you choose between preset graphics settings; however I found there is very little difference between the lowest and the highest.

There are no luxuries like in game chat online, which is a bit of a failure considering this game is best played with friends. Adding the character customisation and various weapon unlocks, i was scared when the thought came to my head that I was playing what looked like a strange attempt to combine COD and TF2 into one experience.

Overall It's a good concept, although comes across a little unfinished. But get what you paid for.

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