Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Aaaaaaaaand we're back to the gory stuff

I am next starting a play through of Alien Shooter. It's about 10 years old, released in 2003, sort of like a top down RPG game.  This will be a bit of a change to the Scribblenaughts, but interesting non-the-less. From what I have seen, there can sometimes be hundreds of enemies on the screen at one time, so expect quite a bit of alien brain fluid to be flying around...

Monday, 26 August 2013

Finally finished Scribblenaughts

I finally finished Scribblenaughts tonight, thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish, I will certainly be continue playing the final few achievements of this game just to get 100%. That is a first time for me in actually wanting to carry on playing a game after I complete it.

A fun game for child and adults. The art style is very cartoony and lighthearted. The biggest thing in this game is the fact you can create almost anything - really, you can! The amount of fun you can have in this game just by spawning random stuff is over the top.  Highly recommend anyone who enjoys a laugh to play this game.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Double update!

Spent most of today playing through a good portion of Scribblenaughts, and getting a few levels done in Warcraft.

I have to say Scribblenaughts is turning into one of the most fun games I have ever played. I cannot get over how much content is in this game and how creative you can be with it! I've only got a few more stages to clear, but I am aiming for 100% completion on it which will be a first for me!

I managed to hit level 21 on World of Warcraft today. Reading quest text certainly does make it feel like a whole new game. I now know why I am being sent to kill orcs in the mountains, rather than a mindless task. If you haven't tried reading quest text before, I highly recommend you give it ago. I think I am leveling at a pretty good pace, it has only taken me about 5 hours to level up so far. I have also created a bank character to help fund me when I get to a higher level, since I am on a brand new realm with no access to higher level characters for money. I'm up to about 200 gold so far from selling herbs and ore that I've harvested. Looking good!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

First night back on WoW in a while

Okay - I've just finished my first session on World of Warcraft in a good few months, and it felt good to be back. I have started a human monk. I have yet to play through the 'new' content for a human since the Cataclysm so it'll be nice to see the changes.

For once I have been following the lore and reading quest text and I have to say that it has taken me buy surprise at how engrossed in the story that you can get. I've learnt more about Warcraft lore in the past 3 hours than I have in 8 years playing.

I will certainly be keeping up with playing, but not as much as my original aim that I set out to work through my Steam back log. I will perhaps update my WoW journey once every three or four days.

Here are some screenshots from the first ten levels of my character. Some of them aren't brilliant, I am still fiddling with some of the settings from the automatic screenshot taker, so bare with me on them.

A request from a reader...

I have had a request from a reader of my blog to start up a sort of series where I start a new character on a fresh realm on World of Warcraft, and give updates on my progress through leveling, dungeons/raids

I haven't really played Warcraft properly for a good few months, and I have to be honest, I have been having the odd craving for it lately since I do tend to watch people playing on TwitchTV still. I'm not sure how popular it would be for me to start this sort of series along side my current gaming schedule.

I'm going to give it a trial run tonight and post a few updates/screenshots of when I level up or something. I'm going to make sure I pick a race/class which I have never played before so that it will be a fresh experience for me.

If anyone has any suggestions, criticism or comments regarding this, please leave a message or contact me via my Facebook page and I will take it all on board.

Lets see how it goes!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Scribblenaughts - something extremely different

I have not even come close to finishing this game yet, I am enjoying every little bit of it! The strange sense of humor, the huge amount of creativity, it's brilliant. Probably one of the few games where I am not counting down the levels until I complete it!