Thursday, 22 August 2013

A request from a reader...

I have had a request from a reader of my blog to start up a sort of series where I start a new character on a fresh realm on World of Warcraft, and give updates on my progress through leveling, dungeons/raids

I haven't really played Warcraft properly for a good few months, and I have to be honest, I have been having the odd craving for it lately since I do tend to watch people playing on TwitchTV still. I'm not sure how popular it would be for me to start this sort of series along side my current gaming schedule.

I'm going to give it a trial run tonight and post a few updates/screenshots of when I level up or something. I'm going to make sure I pick a race/class which I have never played before so that it will be a fresh experience for me.

If anyone has any suggestions, criticism or comments regarding this, please leave a message or contact me via my Facebook page and I will take it all on board.

Lets see how it goes!

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