Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Completed

After being a fan of the first "The Amazing Spider-Man" game that I finished a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to getting straight into another Marvel adventure with my favorite web slinging super-hero.

There are a lot of complaints about the graphics on this game being not up to scratch are complete bogus. Max this bad boy out and you get a beautiful spider-man-esk comic graphic style. The lens flare may be a little much at times but that can be forgotten for how well the overall city landscape has been done.

Length wise, the game is lacking a bit. I had finished the main story and the majority of the "side quests" and I have only clocked in six hours. There is the opportunity to carry on playing after you finish the main story to collect the rest of achievements and collectibles, and some people may be into that sort of thing but not me.

The original game kind of had a button mashing feel to it, this however is different in that you have to use all sorts of maneuvers to overcome the enemies. The camera work is certainly an improvement over the last too.

I used the Xbox controller, and it worked brilliantly for the most part, takes a little while in the beginning to get used to the controls but it's worth it.

Action/Adventure and Spider-Man fans should certainly play this!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Stick It To The Man! - Completed

When I first started looking at this game, I was expecting a point-and-click adventure game, and I am not a massive fan of those. However I was taken by surprise. This is not a point and click adventure game - it's a platformer and a damn good one at that!

There are some really tricky platforming challenges throughout the 9 chapters. You will be swinging and jumping from platform to platform to out run the bad guys. The actual puzzles in the game are more trial and error, there were moments where I was absolutely stuck and couldn't work out what to do next,  and had to result to just spam clicking each object in hope something happened.

Control wise, very simple. I used the Xbox controller and had absolutely no problems at all. I can imagine it would be a little more difficult with keyboard and mouse, but name me a platformer that isn't like that.

The story is actually quite enthralling as well.  I didn't really think that such a simple looking game would have such a fulfilling story.  I couldn't wait to find out how the game ended. There are plenty of little "side stories" which all come with some sort of value to the puzzles as a whole.

The games definite strong point is the humor in the writing. I was laughing throughout the whole playthrough and if you like a good laugh while playing a video game, you will not be disappointed here.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Halo: Spartan Assault - Completed

I am one of the few people who have never played one of the Halo games before. Mainly because I refuse to buy an Xbox, so all I knew about this game was the name tag that gets tons of hype. Granted I knew that this isn't the normal genre that Halo is best known for.

In this game you control a single soldier, you can carry two weapons and have various special abilities. I only found out about these until the last 2 chapters however. While the game is fairly short, and there is hardly any story line to it, the gameplay is somewhat addictive. I found myself being able to finish the game in one sitting. The individual levels vary between 2 minutes and 10 minutes long. The game is very fast paced and it doesn't give you chance to get bored.

Towards the end of the game, I found my self being very overpowered due to the fact that I had hoarded experience points (because I didn't know how to spend them) and could use the homing explosive drone on each of the final levels, which kind of made the whole ordeal very easy and probably ruined the experience a tad.

The enemy units are all very samey, throughout the game, varying from the regular grunts who just keep pouring into you, to your beefed up melee combat commanders who will kill you in one shot.

The controls are fairly simple. Move around with WASD and aim with the mouse. The vehicle controls on the other hand left me driving into walls without knowing which way to turn around for a few seconds each time, left me very confused.

You can't ask much more of this sort of game in terms of graphics, it's a very regular decent graphics top down shooter. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes there are prettier games out there, but my gosh there are plenty worse.

All in all, I'd say pick this game up on the cheap, or if you are a fan of the Halo universe, you may get a kick out of it more than anyone.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch - Completed

Absolutely fun and hilarious. The maps are fun and the controls are wonky and amazing, it's basically a rag-doll physics game and you Octodad, are trying to hide your identity of an octopus. The tasks are hard and stupidly hilarious when you try to get used to the controls. Awesome game, and you'll understand more when you buy it.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Contrast - Completed

Contrast is amazing! Really incredible art, emotionally engaging story, and seriously fun shadow mechanic make this game something of a rarity. I can't express how underrated I think this game actually is. Granted there are minor technical hiccups and the game is short, but it was also made by a really small independent team, and none of the glitches I encountered were game breaking. All in all highly recommended!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Completed

Why on earth people claim this to be anywhere close to the Uncharted series, it is beyond me. There didn't seem a whole lot of point to this game. The most challenging level of the whole game was the tutorial.

The story doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I found myself confused at the plot the majority of the time. There is actually an entire level of just following around two people listening to them talk, and even worse is you actually get an achievement for it.

The animation of the characters are the most awkward that I have seen in a game for a very long time as well. Going by the fact that the story, from what I worked out, was left as a cliff hanger, and the "Episode 1" in the title, means there are going to be more episodes to follow. I hope to god they can pull something a little bit better out of the bag otherwise it's just going to be another flop.

Stay clear campers!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Foul Play - Completed

This game is just awesome. Amazing hand crafted art, a large variety of combos, and a main character who looks just like the Pringles guy. The game play is fast, intuitive and never really gets boring.

The idea of an on-stage brawler alone is pretty genius, seeing the audiences reaction to your on-screen action is bloody awesome. The game is quite easy since I only actually ran into trouble on the last boss of episode 5, I hadn't "died" before then.

The time it takes to finish is probably just about right for a game of this style, I wasn't getting bored towards the end, I just think that one more episode would of been a bit too much.

I'd definitely recommend anyone stick this one on their wish-list to pick up in the up coming sale.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Alpha Protocol - Completed

Alpha Protocol is an underrated game. It is a true RPG experience where every action you make carries weight. However a lack of polish seems to have put off many players due to outdated graphics, bugs and AI issues. I urge all RPG fans to give it a go and judge for yourself. In my opinion this game deserves a shot.