Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sniper Elite V2 - Completed

A quick one today, having played the original Sniper game I was already expecting a pleasant playthrough. There is just something about watching a bullet explode a man's nut-sack that makes any game that little bit more enjoyable.

The slick graphics makes you actually feel like you are wading the streets of Berlin. Some excellent visuals throughout the playthrough. I only hit the single player as multiplayer seemed a little dead, so the run was a little short at three and a half hours, but I wasn't too fussed about that as Steam actually released this game for free for a day a couple of weeks back, so hopefully most people will have it already. 

Story-wise, it is very much like a pre-cold war setting, so anyone who likes stories set in that era will certainly enjoy following the plot. I on the other hand, was more focused on the gameplay. Being able to snipe through hoards of enemies from your chosen hidden location is so satisfying, you can often take on ten or twenty enemies at the same time, you feel bad-ass by the end of it all. 

If you haven't already got the game in your library from the free event a few weeks ago, this is certainly one you should be playing. Sadly it is still fairly expensive at £22,99 so you may be best waiting for it to go on sale

Saturday, 19 July 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth - Completed

Being a huge fan of the South Park TV show I was hugely excited to hear when there was a game being released. Sadly I was always put off by the full price of £40. I waited until this years Summer sale and picked it up for £20 and was not disappointed.

The game takes the style of a turn based combat title, much like Final Fantasy, but it is a much more mellowed down version. I was able to breeze through most combat situations without much attention being paid. The parts of the game which got me scratching my head were trying to work out how to proceed through each puzzle, often at times I had to refer to a walkthrough as I was starting to get a brain hemorrhage.

The graphics and sound throughout the game are exactly the same as in the TV series, so if you enjoy that, you will certainly feel at home here. The ever so crass South Park esk jokes and one liners are here for the world to marvel at.

Story wise, again, very much a South Park episode, you will almost feel like you are watching the show while playing. The length of the main story is about ten hours long, some may disagree but I think that is a little short for a game at full price of £40, but there are plenty of side missions and achievements to go hunting for if that is your thing.

If you are lucky enough to find this game on sale for anything under £20. I would certainly recommend you give it a try if you have ever enjoyed the TV show, however you may not fully appreciate it. Certainly is not worth full price. But for the price I have paid, I still really enjoyed my playthrough.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Completed

After not playing an Assassin's Creed game for a fair few months I was looking forward to getting stuck into another. There isn't much I can say about Revelations which hasn't already been said before.

It carries the same weight as the previous games in the serious, the combat mechanics are almost identical. You can pull off some real fancy counters with some even more satisfying sounds.

You have to have played some of the previous games to understand much of the story but you can try and pick it up as you go. I only finished the main story and that lasted me about 15 hours, and there is still opportunity to play the side missions, do all the optional stuff afterwards to, I would expect you can wrack up 20 hours+ in Revelations if you wanted to span it out as far as possible.

Can't go wrong with this title.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Wolf Among Us - Completed

I had been holding out playing this game until the final chapter was released yesterday. The game style is very much like the Walking Dead series. Five chapters, and your choices help build a unique story.

Although the game style is the same as Walking Dead, there are a few differences. There certainly isn't many, if any at all, puzzles in The Wolf Among Us. It all seems to be very dialog based, which isn't a bad thing!

I found it a very enjoyable play through, you could sit back with a glass of wine and watch it like a film. The QTE that popup when you least expect them keep you quick on your feet as well.

I won't go too much into the story as I wouldn't want to spoil the plot, but it keeps you on edge the whole time, keeps you guessing as to what comes next. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - Completed

This was probably one of the most epic games I have ever played. The little boy inside me was excited the whole way through to see all of the super heroes in one story. The story was perfect. Good vs Evil.

All be it a bit short, there is plenty of replay ability here in the form of multiplayer action and arcade fun after the story has ended. 

Throughout the story you play as each superhero and follow their story for three or four "stages". Each level has its own small story but all in a round about way, come back to the main plot. I would not change a single thing about this game. It was for me, absolutely perfect. 

The graphics were amazing, sound effects are spot on and controls were easy to grasp, yet not so simple that you resorted to button bashing. I would recommend you play this with a controller however, can't imagine it being a breeze to play on keyboard.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

8BitBoy - Completed

Most will probably look at this game and think, "generic platformer" and pass it by. You are missing out, my friend.

I went into playing this with that exact attitude and I was so pleasantly surprised to find how well crafted this title is. Yes it is almost identical to Mario, but there are added features such as being able to shoot the bad guys with three different "stages" of boosts - Red, Green and Black. 

I found my self completed hooked as soon as I loaded it up. Each level can last between 2-5 minutes each, and will gradually get harder and harder. 

Xbox controller again, works wonders and makes the whole experience that bit more enjoyable. 

The game does over exaggerate a bit when it claims to have 16+ hours of levels to explore, I managed to clear the game in just under five hours. Still, I was not expecting it to take that long anyway! 

I highly recommend you pick this game up. It's so cheap, you would really need a good reason not too. If you want a Mario-clone on Steam, this is the game for you.  

Again, this was another one of those games where the Steam overlay won't work so I couldn't capture any screenshots. 

3 Stars of Destiny - Completed

Another RPG maker brand of game. Very similar to the likes of Aveyond which I finished a couple of months ago in that it is a party based RPG.  There was nothing really special about this game. All very samey throughout.

I did find myself getting bored towards the middle of the game. You obviously need to spend a lot of time grinding levels in order to equip certain items you find in the game in order to progress past a certain boss, and it became quite tedious to grind on random spawn monsters when they rarely occur. This is a setting you select at the start of the game. If you want my advice, choose the option which will get you the most monster encounters, because you will need them

The text based dialog is also quite bad. All of the sentences seem so awkward to read out, and the games tries too hard to be funny when it quite clearly isn't.

You aren't missing out on much if you skip over this game. I will give it credit, it is a good length, a full playthrough took me 10 hours, but I would not recommend it at full price.

Sadly not screenshots, game wouldn't allow me to for some reason! Sorry!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Completed

After being a fan of the first "The Amazing Spider-Man" game that I finished a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to getting straight into another Marvel adventure with my favorite web slinging super-hero.

There are a lot of complaints about the graphics on this game being not up to scratch are complete bogus. Max this bad boy out and you get a beautiful spider-man-esk comic graphic style. The lens flare may be a little much at times but that can be forgotten for how well the overall city landscape has been done.

Length wise, the game is lacking a bit. I had finished the main story and the majority of the "side quests" and I have only clocked in six hours. There is the opportunity to carry on playing after you finish the main story to collect the rest of achievements and collectibles, and some people may be into that sort of thing but not me.

The original game kind of had a button mashing feel to it, this however is different in that you have to use all sorts of maneuvers to overcome the enemies. The camera work is certainly an improvement over the last too.

I used the Xbox controller, and it worked brilliantly for the most part, takes a little while in the beginning to get used to the controls but it's worth it.

Action/Adventure and Spider-Man fans should certainly play this!