Monday, 1 September 2014

Blackguards - Completed

Blackguards was an interesting playthrough, coming off the back of a similar run through The Banner Saga a few weeks ago, I was looking forward to playing through another turn based role playing game, however this sadly wasn't on the same level as The Banner Saga, mainly because that was such a fantastic game, anyway...

Blackguards looks really sleek, some really impressive graphics and story line included here. The game length is just about right and keeps you guessing right to the end. However there is an extremely high learning curve to keep you on your toes. I struggled to keep up with the leveling and progress of the enemies and had to revert to a walkthrough for the best way to defeat some quests as they were just ridiculously hard.

There can probably be quite a bit of replay ability here thanks to the variety of different ways you can play your character. A small tip would be not to pick archer as your class on your first play through, I did and I found myself getting overwhelmed with small enemies in the early parts of the game which made it very displeasing.

Character's stats are based heavily on D&D style rules which the nerds among us will absolutely love. Like I said however, this turn based game isn't as good as Banner Saga, however it is still a decent pickup for about twenty hours of game play (at least).

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