Sunday, 24 August 2014

BattleBlock Theater - Completed

I had heard good things about BattleBlock Theater so picked it up in the previous summer sale for next to nothing - I had high expectations for it due to the praise it had received from online reviewers and YouTube playthroughs, and I was not let down.

The game is a 2D cartoon art style platformer, like  many other platformers out there such as SuperMeatBoy, it will have you smashing your head against the desk with anger due to the amount of times you fail at one specific jump only to realize you had been doing it wrong the whole time.

This is probably one of the longer platformers of it's type, the solo play through of the story took me a little over seven hours, this was on normal mode also. There is a never ending supply of user made content through the Steam-workshop, as well as a hard mode included for the main story too.

One of the most attractive features about BattleBlock Theater is that you can play local Co-Op, a feature that these games often skip over.

I absolutely loved the cinematic in between each stage as well, the dialog had me in stitches the whole time.

I wouldn't recommend doing what I did and powering through this game in 2 sessions as you will end up wanting to scream the walls down, but you should definitely pick t his game up, even when it's not on sale its a huge bargain for the amount of content and giggles you will get out of it.

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