Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Completed

After almost a month of playing through Borderlands The Pre Sequel, I have finally finished it in just under twenty hours of gameplay. As huge fan of the Borderlands series after putting sixty hours into Borderlands 1 and over a hundred hours into Borderlands 2 I was very excited to see where the series was heading.

The game as a whole is very good. If you like the Borderlands games, you will like this, it's basically more of the same. The graphics look identical to number two, but that's not a bad thing since the cartoony style suits the game.  Pretty much all the gameplay mechanics are the same, apart from having to keep an eye on an oxygen level which can get a little tedious at times but you get used to it eventually.

You will be able to experience a new type of weapon in the form of Lasers. Personally I wasn't a huge fan, you can't beat a shotgun blast to the face if you ask me.  There are plenty of side quests to keep you busy as well as a pretty interesting story line that follows the story of Jack.

As with most Borderlands games, I will expect a boat-load of DLC to be released for this title which will keep the replay ability and longevity of this game running into the same amount of play time as its predecessors

I can't say the game offers ground-breakingly different when compared to Borderlands 2 however. So if you are on the fence whether this game is worth it, try 2 first as it'll probably be cheaper and see how you fair on that.

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