Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bioshock 2 - completed

 Bioshock 2

So, I've just finished Bioshock 2 in just over 7 hours. With high expectations, I believed that I would be disappointed. Luckily I was wrong. Yes the game looks and feels very similar to the first one, but there is so much new, lengthy content in this game that makes your visit back to Rapture captivating and memorable. The story is not QUITE as epic as Bioshock 1, but is still intense and keeps you interested until the very end. The combat has changed just enough to feel very new with just slightly modified elements (eg. the "dual wielding" plasmids + guns). The weapons are fresh, and I love what they did with the hack system. Bioshock 2 stands as an amazing single player experience.

Here are some screenshots from my play through

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