Saturday, 24 August 2013

Double update!

Spent most of today playing through a good portion of Scribblenaughts, and getting a few levels done in Warcraft.

I have to say Scribblenaughts is turning into one of the most fun games I have ever played. I cannot get over how much content is in this game and how creative you can be with it! I've only got a few more stages to clear, but I am aiming for 100% completion on it which will be a first for me!

I managed to hit level 21 on World of Warcraft today. Reading quest text certainly does make it feel like a whole new game. I now know why I am being sent to kill orcs in the mountains, rather than a mindless task. If you haven't tried reading quest text before, I highly recommend you give it ago. I think I am leveling at a pretty good pace, it has only taken me about 5 hours to level up so far. I have also created a bank character to help fund me when I get to a higher level, since I am on a brand new realm with no access to higher level characters for money. I'm up to about 200 gold so far from selling herbs and ore that I've harvested. Looking good!

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