Friday, 7 February 2014

Eldritch - Completed

This is a decent rogue-like dungeon crawling experience done pretty well in the Lovecraftian universe. The sneak mechanics work well and smooth. On the other hand, while the game emphasizes on versatility in the ability to play different styles that doesn't cut it well as the resources get scarce and the monsters get stronger, you're often left with no option but to sneak.

The part that isn't fun is the lack of loot and choice of weaponry, for a rogue like and such a broad universe there is very little in the sense of loot currency, 5 common items and about 10 equipment items with a few secret items. No character progressions what-so-ever.

This game requires more content for it to feel complete, it's nice but it had more potential. Delve Deeper is a much better option and that is still in Early Access.

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