Sunday, 23 February 2014

Greed: Black Border - Completed

A bland, by the book action-rpg set in a sci-fi world. With your choice of three classes, you'll embark on a fairly uneventful dungeon crawler through three forgettable locales each with their own distinct mobs. While the classes and builds make for a bit of an interesting time for a bit, you'll quickly be mired in repetition as you clear room after room without must to distinguish each one from the last.

In typical crawler fashion the game is broken into three acts, each capped by an uninspiring boss encounter. Boring puzzles do very little to break up what is otherwise a mindless grind that is stretched to about 20 hours of game play.

The game also features an incredibly frustrating lack of responsiveness from the controls. Attempts to pivot and free fire are often ignored and you find yourself running directly into a group of enemies instead.

While the game had massive potential to be a good title, there just isn't enough there to warrant the time commitment and achievement collectors will be disappointed at the absence of any. Unless you are a die hard fan of the genre or have a fetish for poor controls I'd suggest spending your time elsewhere.

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