Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Virus Named Tom - Completed

Tom is the perfect blend of action and puzzler, creating a game that remains varied and exciting throughout it's play.

Each 'world' introduces a new component that can drastically change the type of challenge presented by the level - from basic puzzler to a race against the clock and enemy drones - whilst keeping the core concept intact. This helps the game stay fresh and exciting and there's always an area of play that one can improve upon.

Replaying to achieve gold medals in each level is also satisfying, and the co-op campaign creates some very exciting teamplay. While online play is still in the works, it's refreshing for a game to offer split screen again. Devs have also talked about implementing a level editor which will drastically enhance the game's replay value. As it stands now, for it's current price it's a steal.

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