Monday, 17 February 2014

Alpha Prime - Completed

I really enjoyed this game. The acting is not bad at all, the characters are interesting and the story is pretty good. I really like the fact that combat isn't "run and gun" like so many shooters today.

It takes thought and planning. I had to save often and many times had to re-do a room or fight sequence that I just got killed in multiple times. The graphics are very good for its age, and sound effects are top notch too. The weapons are typical shooter types but I like the addition of the flame thrower, very cool (or warm).

The game also takes a nice piece from F.E.A.R with bullet time, but you have to use it more strategically since you have to recharge it. Overall it is a great game for it's value. Nothing earth shattering but what it tries to do, it does very well.

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