Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dungeon Siege - Completed

This game is easy to learn for non rpg experts, which makes it even more attractive. The game is fun, the graphics are just fine (even its an old game) and the game play is good. It's an easier RPG than others on it's style, so it makes it perfect for a come and go, playing casual.

There is little room for exploration on this game, since it's mostly a dungeon crawler, from point A to point B and some very easy puzzles.

Overall it's a good game. The real time battles with strategic pauses, makes it really cool and fun to play with. If you feel your party is not balanced or you want to change it, you can train any of the party's components on other magic melee or anything else. there are no classes per se.

So in conclusion, a really nice party based Action RPG with tactical pauses on combats.

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