Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dungeons - The Dark Lord - Completed

How this is sold as a stand alone expansion is beyond me, not much has changed and practically nothing has been improved, this is the same stale boring game that the "Critically Acclaimed" Dungeons was.

You decorate the various hall ways with props, heroes come in through a hero gate, after they're done looking at the props you kill them. That's pretty much the whole game, the props can be chests of gold that need to be refilled for heroes to loot, or useless monsters anchored to a spawn location that don't do much of anything other than sit there waiting for heroes to come kill them.

If you want to play the same boring game that only passed as "ok" even among it's fans, go ahead and pick this up, but my advice is to save your money. This game would be just fine as an iPad ap or Facebook social game, but as a PC game it's not worth your time.

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