Friday, 31 January 2014

Devil May Cry 4 - Completed

This game has great graphics, a decent story line, and a fairly slow start. I noticed this at first and almost gave up, but give it a few missions! It draws you in without you realizing, you will find yourself deeply engrossed. Again, the game is virtually un-playable without a controller, but that is not a big issue in this day-an-age. Not as good as the previous DMC games I have played, but improved visually and smooth gameplay somewhat makes up for that. 

If Dante is too much to handle game-play wise, Nero is the perfect second choice. It's much easier to bring Nero to his full potential and still feel awesome about it. There's not as much memorable music in this game. But overall, if you are fan of incredibly complex combat, over the top action, and cheesy satire that's so good it's almost self-aware. I strongly recommend this game.

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