Sunday, 19 January 2014

Deadlight - Completed

The atmosphere of this game is amazing, the music behind the game is absolutely incredible. Deadlight is no triple A title, but these features say differently. This is one of those few games that truly is an emotional experience, even for how simple this game really is.

This game does have minor flaws when it comes to the melee combat system, but the platforming system works well. Aside from the view of frustrating parts, its a fairly easy game. I can only say, let yourself get lost in this games atmosphere. Its dreary, saddening, and sorrow, and it all works together with a sad story that has a sad twist you may not see coming.

When I purchased this on Steam, I really had no knowledge of how this game was put together, but it has surprised me in so many ways that I can only hope Tequila Studios goes on to produce more games of this quality.

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