Thursday, 9 January 2014

Binding of Isaac - Completed

This game is awesome, awesome and more awesome. It's based on an old model of PC gaming, called rogue-like, where you die once, and the game is over...completely. There are no saves, no continue spots - you are dead and you have to start all over again. But that's exactly what makes this game so damn addictive! This game can suck up hours like no tomorrow, every play through is completely randomly generated and you'll never play the same levels twice, dying is not a big deal. Death feels the same way it does in Super Meat Boy; you die and die and die again but you get better each time, and it makes you want to start the game right back up again. Like Super Meat Boy it's a throwback to a time long ago when you actually needed skill and quick reflexes to complete a game, and it's precisely that which makes it appealing to me. 

Oh and the absolute best bits are the hilarious abilities and power-ups, which I definitely wouldn't want to spoil here. The game is full of surprises and has a very dark tone about it, feel like a mix between The Legend of Zelda and Splatterhouse. The fact that this game is so cheap all the time doesn't hurt either, but it shouldn't give you any indication to the quality of the game. I've played £40 or £50 for games that weren't nearly as fun as this. Just buy it, play it and enjoy some excellent old-meets-new gaming for less than a cost of a subway sandwich. 

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