Monday, 13 January 2014

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Ultimate Edition - Completed

Light years beyond the console version in performance and graphics. Perhaps the most polished console-to-PC title ever. No issues whatsoever and runs smooth as silk. Konami PC development team really did a fantastic job with this.

Running on high resolution with all settings and AA maxed - it still runs like a dream and look stunning.

If I go all 'console peasant' for a minute, it truly looks like a next-gen game on PC, flat out beautiful. Even the controls feel more fluid and responsive. Guess this game really shows PC is the way it's meant to be played all along.

The game is just phenomenal, story, characters, game-play action. Apparently has never heard of DLC, just the stand alone game by it self is very length, and just keeps getting better as it plays out. Likely the best Castlevania game in the series.

Can't beat it for it's price either, luckily I picked it up in the Winter sale, so it was even more of a bargain when I found out it included tons of extra content in the form of expansions. I completed the whole game in a little under 20 hours, truly magnificent game that everyone should own.

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