Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cthulhu Saves the World - Completed

This game is not your hardcore JRPG, it is a nice simple and cleanly designed game. The game has witter funny character interaction, and overall really worked for me. The only downside could perhaps be that the game has some really confusingly long dungeon layouts if you try to hunt down all the treasure, which in it self is easy enough once you clear them. A good feature is that if you fight enough battles in an area, enemies won't randomly appear unless you start a fight manually making exploring much more easier.

The game is surprisingly iron and hilarious, and it is very family friendly It isn't a long game but it will give you about an hour or two per Pound you spend which is good considering it is really cheap anyway.

Everyone should buy this game because it is too good to turn down for the price.

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