Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Legend of Fae - Completed

The game is a nice combination of rpg and puzzle game. You have to match gems of the same color on the board to collect mana; every color represent a different kind of mana. You can move them only horizontally, but you are not limited to one move, and if you do not obtain a match, the gems remain in the position you put them. 

The game is a RPG, in a sense, because you can use the powers of your friendly elemental to fight against the Fae. So you must also keep track of your health level, and have to use the right attack against the right enemy. That is where the game keeps its real challenge, as the monster can be quite dangerous when you reach the higher levels.

The plot is simple, but well written and the characters likable. Even if we are talking about a puzzle game, this is nice and gives you some purpose. As for the graphics, they are not special, but they fit the theme of the game. Sometimes, they get quite confusing, especially when the enemy throws a lot of negative effects on your board, but usually you can play without much distraction.

Legend of Fae is a budget game, and will keep you busy for a long time.

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