Tuesday, 25 March 2014

La-Mulana - Completed

A quality game all around. Epic 16 bit music that will make nostalgia Nintendo Generation people rock out to the midi-esque goodness. Easy enough to allow you to learn from your mistakes but hard enough to provide some head-scratching entertainment as you attempt to solve it's many puzzles. Not a game that is hard enough to throw your controller against a wall, but not so easy as to bore you to tears.

It's a great little title with an excellent feel, some historical & educational content, and a great concept. It is best summed up as the type of challenging game that makes you want to look up a walkthrough or a FAQ for help, but your inner gamer niggles at you saying "Na, dude. You don't need to do that. Figure it out on your own! You know you can do it."

Indiana Jones meets Mega Man with a puzzle-ridden twist. Shades of CastleVania as well. A great buy on a steam sale near you.

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