Monday, 3 March 2014

HOARD - Completed

Hoard is fun little game that lets you become the big scary dragon who burns towns, takes all the treasures and kidnaps princesses.

For me the experience of playing this game was very positive. The game is very easy to understand, controls are intuitive and convenient, so starting to play right away is no problem.

This game has some simple, but very stylish graphics. I mean, yeah, technologically it's nothing special, but the atmosphere and the way all the maps look like is just great. Hoard has pretty simple, yet entertaining game mechanics, so playing is fun.

AI is not that smart, so after an hour or so switching to the hard mode is recommended, or the better option is to go and try yourself in the multiplayer game mode. It is a lot more fun, and also pretty challenging compared to the single player modes.

Some bugs were present in the first version, but update was released recently and I can't find any of the bugs that were present. Overall, if you look at the Price/Enjoyment scale, you certainly receive much more than you pay for.

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