Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hitman: Blood Money - Completed

This game was incredible. It had everything to it with it's sneaky atmosphere, it's tense moments, and it's outrageous fun.

Moments when you would be caught dragging a body, those tense moments when that happened to me added more fun to the game completely. I entirely believe that this is the best Hitman game I have ever played, it's fantastic.

Nothing lacked in this game, everything was perfect and spot-on. No "ifs", "and's", or "or's" about it. The ending of the game was a bit of a twist, which once again, added more fun to the game. I seriously hope someday Hitman is recognized for how well they made these games and not for just "I'm a spy, I'm just going to go murder people and try to finish the game with a good rating", try to play the game on it's hardest level, and try to be completely sneaky. It gets a bit irritating, but I think you will manage through it.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in games where you need to be sneaky, or a spy-like game. It is completely amazing.

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