Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Angvik - Completed

Angvik is a simple platformer with a couple of neat ideas and a very charming atmosphere. It starts by getting the basics of platforming right, and follows with an inventory system that takes some thought and practice to master. The atmosphere created by the music and graphics is very relaxing, even though the game can be very challenging at times. I really appreciated the creatively drawn enemies and items.

My only issue is that each time you die, you have to play through from the first level again, I suppose we are seeing more and more of these rogue-like games these days anyway so it should be something I am used to by now, although this can seem pretty repetitive since there is little variation from game to game and it becomes a basic exercise very quickly. There's not much reply value for the same reason, that only some enemies spawn and items are randomized. But overall, I would recommend this game for the price.

It creates a great atmosphere and has solid platforming with an interesting twist, just don't expect a long experience or great replay ability.

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