Monday, 30 December 2013

Crysis 2 - Completed

Just like its predecessor, Crysis provides both a unique and engaged premise for its campaign and top-notch graphics that once again raise the graphical benchmark for gaming. It may not appear as instantly striking in terms of awesomeness as the original did with its lush, tropical setting but it's in the finer details and when things really escalte in the single player, that will blow your mind. This game looks better now than the current xBone and Peasentstation4 'next-gen' titles, and this game is almost 3 years old.  The sheer 'destructional' splendor of New York under alien siege has to be seen and played to behold.

For the core game play of Crysis 2, I was initially disappointed about how the nanosuit's power being reduced to stealth and armor. That quickly changed however. Having a button for each made switching between the two far more fluid than Crysis 1. On top of this, it adds a lovely twist and breath of fresh air to what essentially is your typical combat multiplayer affair. That being said, it is a step down from the large scale frantic antics of the original. But it's this added layer of depth to the tired and tested 'COD-style' multiplayer offering that lends it an advantage.

But it was the single-player that I brought it for. The original garnered some criticism to its rather basic plot, but having never seen it done so well, or in a video game for that matter, it didn't hinder the experience one bit. Crysis 2, however propels the Crysis universe onto a whole new level. Its obvious a hell of a lot more thought has been put into it. It's more complex, deeper and smarter, which makes a far more compelling game. Couple this with the unique and shockingly real depiction of an apocalyptic New York and well...I can't even begin to explain how awesome it it.

If you haven't guessed already, this game is a must buy for any FPS fan.

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