Monday, 2 December 2013

Ben There, Dan That! - Completed

Even though short - this is a very nice title from two dudes who love Adventures! You won't be impressed by graphics or sound, or the speed of your mouth, but if you are an old-school adventure clicker and grew up on Lucas' titles - you'll find joy in Ben There, Dan That! The game does not pretend to be anything but the Adventure - it lays bare all of it's techniques - Ben and Dan constantly make jokes of Adventures, inventory, picking up and using items in such a way, that you are not lied into the game, but rather polished by its light hearted humorous atmosphere. This is an English title, so be prepared for some hard kicks into American gut.

The game is rather short, yet interesting. It could use some more sound effects for abidance. The characters could also be more developed; it is hard to distinguish Ben from Dan. Nonetheless - as an old clicky, this is a fun game!

I haven't got any screenshots of my play through as my PC has died a death and is currently in for repair. Will have it back by Wednesday hopefully, with my new nVidia 780 installed. Luckily I still have my pretty hefty spec laptop to carry on gaming on!

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