Monday, 11 November 2013

Blood Omen 2 - Legacy of Kain

Let's get something out of the way before I begin. I am a huge fan of the entire "Legacy of Kain" series. I remember when I first got the original "Soul Reaver" and found my self completely fascinated by its plot.

The story of this one however, could use some work, it feels rushed and sloppy which shows in the pacing of some of the dialogue. Overall, the story really failed to impress me in this one. Especially after you get past the first few levels.

The game play is sadly no better. I found myself struggling with the weird controls, and no easy way to change them. The puzzles in this game consist of mainly hitting switches and moving boxes, this very much like the previous games in the series, apart from the fact that Kain can for some reason only move boxes forwards and backwards.

I don't mean to portray this as a game that's completely lacking in every area, because it isn't. It has its moments of fun, the first two or three levels are quite enjoyable, and the voice acting is great. But overall game play is disappointing, so much so that I could only play so much of it before I felt the need to close it because of the repetitive nature of everything.

If you feel you need to own every game with "Legacy of Kain on it, get this, otherwise try to find this in a bundle to make your own judgement on it.

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