Monday, 23 September 2013

Sweet nibblets, I need new pants!

After I finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I felt I could wear my victory as a badge of honor and experience against any and all horrors the video games industry could throw at me. For nothing could possible compare to the masterpieces created by Norden and Frictional Games. 

These guys have fear down to a science. Suspense that makes you remind yourself that it's just a game, scenery that's to die for, music expertly integrated into your nervous system, sound that quickly match your heart rate, a story I can't believe didn't come out of a novel, and seamless game-play between fleeing horrors your friends won't understand and Valve-worthy physics puzzles. 

The only hurtle for me was that this game did not immunize me to horror, but had by all means destroyed me. Thank you Frictional Games, Indie delivers again. 

It's a shame Amnesia was not made by Russians, because you don't beat this game. It beats you. 

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