Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lack of any posts and AirBuccaneers

First of all, apologies for a lack of posts this week, I have actually been ill and unable to play any games much. Hopefully this week will be different and I can plow through a few games again. The times where I have been able to play this week though, I have been playing AirBuccaneers; I didn't announce that I was going to be playing this because I wasn't sure whether it was going to be worth my time; however it was. REALLY worth my time.

A really awesome and original game where you and your team fight the other team in an epic high up in the air battle. The leveling system is great, you can level in four different classes. Cannoneer, defender, guerrilla and captain. You are not bound to a class but can choose what you want to play during the game. Say you are a defender trying to shoot out incoming cannonballs, when a cannoneer suddenly dies and you need to take his place and shoot down the enemies ship! You can.

The battles can get really intense, and when you find yourself a good team, the game gets really fun. I have not found one spammer, rude or arrogant player in this game. Everyone is willing to offer help and advice should you need it.  The only downside to the community, is that there aren't many players. There is usually only one game on at a time, which is a shame since this game really has potential to be fantastic. With it being an indie title, it is really cheap, so if you're looking for a new kind of game, I highly recommend this one.

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