Thursday, 10 October 2013

Valley Without Wind 2 - Completed*

A Valley Without Wind 2 is essentially two different games. The game plays alternates between a turn based strategy game and a platform shooter. In the strategy portion of the game, the play manages a resistance against an oppressive overlord, moving units around the board like chess pieces in order to gather resources, capture strategic targets, recruit new resistance fighters or battle enemies.

In the platforming segments, the player performs various missions that either open up new locations on the map, or otherwise makes their character more powerful. The strategy segments are where the game really shines. While not quit rivaling hardcore strategy titles, the games does have a surprising amount of depth, and gives the player a lot of interesting choices. In the platform segment, the player starts with a choice of five different classes, each having four spells to worth with.

New more powerful classes are unlocked as the game progresses. he player also gains perks which give bonuses to thinks like damage, movement, health and feats, which gives special abilities like double jumping.

There are a huge variety of enemies and levels are procedural generated, so you will generally have to use different spells depending on the situation. The platforming segments are fun in small bursts and fortunately that's exactly what the game provides.

The artwork is improved from the first game, although the animations could have probably been better. Most of the music is recycled from the first game too.

Although Valley 2 isn't for everyone, those who buy into the concept will find a rewarding game with lots of replay value.

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